What are the main characteristics of wooden sound-absorbing panels?

wood acoustic material

First, the sound absorption effect is very good

Because the surface of the wooden sound-absorbing panel still has natural wood texture, it will make people feel more simple and natural. The decorative effect is also quite good, which can give people a feeling of returning to nature, and the surface can also be colored. The spraying can bring a very good visual experience, and the sound absorption effect is also very good, especially for some medium and high frequency noises.

Second, the antibacterial and moisture-proof effect is good

Wooden sound-absorbing panels can not only have a good sound-absorbing effect, but also can be used in humid environments, and the moisture-proof performance can also be guaranteed to a certain extent, and the moisture-proof effect is also very good. But if it is in direct contact with water, it is best not to use it.

Third, energy saving and heat preservation are also very good

Today’s sound-absorbing panels are still very superior in performance, not only can have moisture-proof performance, because this sound-absorbing panel is directly made of wood, so the thermal conductivity is still relatively low. It is also very powerful, and such sound-absorbing panels are also economical and durable, so the service life is relatively long, and the product can be customized directly according to people’s needs, and then can meet the needs of major users.

The reason why the current wooden sound-absorbing panels are well applied is also because of the characteristics of its sound-absorbing panels. Through the use of this sound-absorbing panel, it can bring a good sound-absorbing effect, and can further meet the sound-absorbing requirements and become a public place. sound-absorbing material used in

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