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Mode of Transport

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight has the advantages of cost-effectiveness, large-capacity transportation, global coverage, environmental protection, and long-term cooperation and stability. This makes shipping an indispensable and important mode of global trade and logistics.

Air transport

Air freight offers the advantages of fast shipping, global coverage, traceability, security, and reduced inventory turnaround time. Especially for urgent and time-sensitive shipments, air freight is an efficient and reliable cargo transportation option.


China Railway Express has the advantages of fast and reliable, convenient door-to-door service, efficient supply chain connection, multimodal transport, and diversity of freight. This makes the China-Europe Railway Express an important transportation option for trade between China and Europe, and promotes economic cooperation and logistics development between China and Europe.

Ocean Freight

Located in Shanghai, all goods can be shipped from Shanghai Port, with fast timeliness, many ships, and a very advantageous geographical location.


An affordable and safe transportation option for goods to Europe, crossing the inland of China to Europe, which is safer than sea transportation.

Air transport

If fast timeliness is required, many international airlines can complete the transportation process, and the cooperation time has exceeded ten years.

common shipping questions

Yes, MST Acoustic offers international shipping services to customers worldwide.

MST Acoustic provides multiple shipping methods, including ocean freight, air freight, and the China-Europe Railway Express (Middle East to Europe Train).


The duration of ocean freight shipping depends on the destination and specific shipping route. Generally, it can range from a few weeks to several months.

Yes, air freight is typically faster than ocean freight. It allows for quicker delivery, with transit times usually ranging from a few days to a week.

The China-Europe Railway Express is a rail freight service that connects China with various destinations in Europe. It provides a faster alternative to ocean freight and a more cost-effective option compared to air freight.

The transit time for shipments on the China-Europe Railway Express varies depending on the specific route and destination. Generally, it can take around two to three weeks for the goods to reach Europe.

Yes, MST Acoustic can assist with customs clearance and provide the necessary documentation for international shipments, ensuring a smooth shipping process.

Yes, MST Acoustic can ship its products to destinations worldwide, including regions outside of Europe and Asia. They cater to customers globally.


MST Acoustic provides tracking information for shipments. Customers can receive updates on the status and location of their shipments, allowing them to monitor the progress of their orders.

MST Acoustic can arrange insurance for international shipments upon request. This helps protect the goods during transit and provides added peace of mind for customers.


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