Market research on acoustic panels

Market research on sound-absorbing panels

It is understood that at present, whether it is urban or rural, the coverage of the overall sound-absorbing panel market still has great potential to be tapped. With the rise of post-80s and post-90s consumer groups, the sound-absorbing panel industry is facing huge challenges and opportunities. However, my country’s sound-absorbing panel industry has entered the development stage of brand and marketing competition from product and channel competition. With the entry of a number of high-end sound-absorbing panels, the sound-absorbing panel industry is also moving towards polarization. In the past, the production space for low-end sound-absorbing panel products was squeezed by the entry of foreign brands. The effect appears gradually.

In the home furnishing market, many brands of sound-absorbing panel counters reported that customers used to ask the price first. In their opinion, the appearance of the sound-absorbing panels is not much different, and the functions are similar. Now, they are all asking about product quality, quality, service and design. Consumers no longer buy blindly, but compare products selectively, and place orders carefully. In the past, consumers only focused on a single aspect when buying products, such as environmental quality or product style. However, now we will measure the purchase criteria from multiple detailed angles, and choose after comprehensive consideration. Some consumers said that sound-absorbing panels should not only be practical and beautiful, but more importantly, have a good brand image and connotation. The brand represents a kind of strength and a kind of confidence in consumption. Brand sound-absorbing panels will lead the mainstream consumption in the sound-absorbing panel market.

In order to meet the ever-increasing new needs of consumers, many sound-absorbing panel manufacturers have begun to pay more attention to the development and production of intelligent sound-absorbing panels while playing the “environmental protection card”. Many first-line brand sound-absorbing panel manufacturers have joined the ranks of “intelligent sound-absorbing panels”. A series of cutting-edge technologies have subsequently entered the high-end kitchens that are closely related to people’s lives.

At the same time, in the sound-absorbing panel brand promotion activities, many sound-absorbing panel merchants generally played the service and after-sales card, while the price war was gradually weakened. In today’s increasingly fierce competition, in addition to brand and quality, product service has become one of the important factors affecting consumers’ purchasing decisions. In order to meet the service needs of consumers, China’s sound-absorbing panel industry is currently paying more and more attention to service and brand image, and major brands have launched new concepts in service.

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